• A few possible reasons.... you have an older blackberry (software version wise) that needs a data feature to do this. You need to refresh your service books. You don't have enough signal strength. make sure you have at least 2 bars & EDGE or GPRS (in caps) Go to options>advanced options>host routing table Press menu button (with the dots) & select register now. try again. call your provider. :)
  • You may not be registered for the Blackberry service. May depend on your carrier. Sending MMS on Cingular/AT&T without Blackberry service is not possible. T-mobile is possible with firmware upgrade. Depends on your model.
  • True.... with T-mobile any pearl with doesn't need a data feature... if you don't have one, you'll probably have to call t-mobile to have them do a few things for you to help you update the service books. (service books are what blackberry pushes to your phone to make your data services work) If you have data.... restart your phone & try the steps below. You can also delete service books, then do this... but since I don't know your provider, you'll want to contact them first to make sure you only get rid of what you need (you'll be refreshing them anyway, so they'll come back)

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