• well.. when you figure it out let me know!
  • easy just lighten up
  • By making yourself a little harder....heheheh
  • Dont take things too seriously. I have the same problem and I have to consciously tell myself all the time to NOT take something too seriously. I remind myself that it isnt a big deal, whatever it is. Most things in life rarely have that much of an impact and I cant let everything stress me out. Most things, if they are going to happen, happen anyway. And then I take a little of the burdeon off myself.
  • Cultivate equanimity
  • Try to find out why you feel the need to be perfect. We all make mistakes and no one is perfect.
  • Awww, buddy! You recognize it, try to decide why, and remember that you are doing the very best you can. Everything else is unnecessary worry that detracts from whatever it is you are trying to achieve. You are a good guy; I wish the best for you. Everyone knows this feeling -- you are not alone. When you feel like this, don't deconstruct what is wrong.. reconstruct and create whatever it is that will help you feel better. Good luck, S.
  • join certain clubs, get active, and try your best. Reward yourself for even trying new things. Go out with positive friends, look at yourself in the mirror and say positive things, like i am beautiful. If something happens that you didnt wanted just tell yourself. Ill do much better next time. Or if there is not a next time, just tell yourself, that that you will do much better at something else.
  • Try and love your self i used to have the same problem. Make it a point to do something nice for yourself everyday. We are forgiven and its because we dont forgive ourselves we are hard on us and sometimes others. Cut yourself some slack and just be. God loves you emensely.
  • Identify why you are being so hard on yourself. Now take more of a posiitve apporach to yourself and your work. End this pessmisitc state of mind, by fixating your mind of positive thoughts. Focusing on positive thoughts and you will begin to change over time. 1. begin to read posiitve material 2. listen to posiitve music / audio and educational tapes 3. Watch posiitve videos Hope this helps.
  • Do something productive -- that's a good start.
  • well first thing i would ask is who are the people surrounding you, do they encourage this type of behavior. In other words do they make you feel bad, do they downrate you or are they positive to you? Something to think about, you emulate your closest friends, if you look up to them.
  • Eat some ice cream. It brings you greater perspective and therefore, better decision-making. 🍨
    • Linda Joy
      I think it has something to do with the cold ice cream dilating the blood vessels in the head.
    • Jenny The Great ⭐
      The amino acids from eating ice cream such as tryptophan is a natural tranquilizer that provides relaxation to the nervous system.
  • I'd suggest first not to be so darn hard on yourself. Every one including you is a member of the mistake makers assn. True confessions I'm a member too, Nothing and nothing one does is perfect. We are human. Our imperfections make us distinct.
  • I saw some art work a friend had done once. It wasn't fabulous, not that I would know if it were, but I encouraged her. Later I saw one of my works I was critical of, and realized I'd never talk to someone else the way I talk to me about their art. I also realized its not nice to treat me that way either. And whether its you or someone else being put down the first thing you should do is establish what is actually true and what is the baseline? Is it measurable and if so make a plan to improve. Couldn't hurt, right? That is if its worth your time. Maybe your talents are better spent elsewhere.
  • Learn to parent yourself, treat yourself with the same compassion you show the people you love.

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