• Yes its the best. I’ve purchased two Rolex watches from Melrose Jewelers and feel nothing but satisfaction with their service. Scott, the sales associate, helped me choose a ladies rolex watch for my daughter who was graduating college. He was and extremely professional. I looked at the Rolex Datejust, and Rolex Day Date President, and after some time on the phone he helped me decide on the rolex oyster perpetual lady date just. I highly recommend Melrose Jewelers if you are in the market for a Rolex watch and are smart enough to know that a pre owned Rolex is a better decision.
  • I'm very happy with my Men’s Rolex Datejust purchase; I only wish that I had found Melrose Jewelers sooner. I wasted a good week investigating other online stores until I found Melrose Jewelers. I saved a few hundred dollars at the same time, and got a better quality and model Rolex watch than I was about to buy at another online retailer (who will remain nameless for trying to rip me off!). I was originally looking at the cheaper stainless steel rolex date just models: The prices were great and shipping was quick. Keep up the good work guys!.
  • Buying a Rolex online can be a sketchy thing. There are so many fakes and rip off websites out there that I was really worried about purchasing my first Rolex Datejust online. After spending some time researching the different used Rolex watches websites I discovered Melrose Jewelers and I am happy to say my search stopped there. I browsed around the website for a while and was overwhelmed by all the different models they had. From the Rolex Datejust, to the Rolex Day date, to the Rolex president, I didn’t know where to start. I gave up on searching by myself and decided to give them a call. The sales associate helped me to decide on a Men’s Rolex presidential with 3 carats of diamonds around the bezel, a much rarer (and flashier) version than the standard 1 carat. It really is something to look at, check it out here: The cost wasn’t really a concern as much as customer service and a quality product was, but I must say their prices weren’t bad at all. Short story long, I love the watch, I would do business with Melrose Jewelers again.
  • I've only purchased 1 Rolex at Melrose Jewelers, but they treated me like I had known them for years. I've looked at and bought other luxury watches at other stores (both online and in storefronts) and I have to say this was the easiest of them all. This being the second pre owned Rolex I’ve bought for myself I figured I should just spend the money and get a top shelf model. I mean since I was saving roughly $20,000, I might as well go all out right? Being in business my whole life, I know a good deal when I see one. After looking at all the models they had, I decided to go with the silver dial Rolex Day Date (aka rolex president) and couldn’t be happier. Take a look at this mechanical masterpiece. I wouldn’t hesitate to shop at Melrose Jewelers again.
  • Melrose jewellers is the beliavable place where you can buy the things online.I think it is the best place for buying rolex watches.
  • You couldn't find a kinder, more trustworthy or downright more friendly jeweler! I recently wanted to get a watch for my fiancé and when I called Melrose Jewelers they were genuinely thrilled and excited for us. Brandon didn't skip a beat in doing what needed doing to have the watch sitting snugly on my husband’s wrist in short order. I can honestly say that Melrose Jewelers is a gem!
  • Watch prices are very competitive. Check eBay

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