• I wouldn't say I deserve it any more than any one else. I know there are people that need it more than I do, so I'd never say that.... HOWEVER. I have a criminal record (from a young age) that is consistently keeping me back in life, with job searches, and the lack of rights I have..... I have two children and a wife for whom I'd do anything, but because of my record, it's almost like they are being cheated out of a fair shot at life. I just think it'd be cool to win because I could start my own business for what I love doing, and be able to put my kids through college and give them all the things they deserve.
  • With the money, I spent, they could have put it in a savings account, collected interest, given me half, and still be way a head.
  • Because of all those that HAVE already won the lottery, few DESERVED to win it any more than the rest of us...yet they did win anyway.

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