• For medical professionals : What does elevated prolactin level in blood (hyperprolactinemia) indicate in the case of virgin young lady?
  • Addiction to certain perscription drugs? Like certain class 2 anti anxiety medications?
  • Have you ordered a cranial MRI? A compression of the pituitary stalk or reduced dopamine levels is a possibility, or a tumor. Either would show up.
  • Prolactin is a hormone secreted by the pituitary gland, located at the base of the brain. In nonpregnant women, prolactin circulates in low levels in the bloodstream. When a woman is pregnant the amount of prolactin increase tenfold and stimulate milk production. High prolactin can create several problems including: * inadequate progesterone production during luteal phase after ovulation * irregular ovulation and menstruation * absence of menstruation * galactorrhea (breast milk production in non-nursing woman)
  • My daughter has been told of this,her hair has been thining for 7 years,weght gain,headachs,severe periods,hair growth on face,and other places,her dhea is 34 low tsh PROLACTIN VERY HIGH.sHE IS A 17 YEAR OLD VIRGIN PLEASE HELP WAITING ON M.R.I THANK YOU
  • She has a elevetated dhea,High prolactin of 34 and low tsh?
  • What next?

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