• I think that if people believe the exact opposite on everything it will make it very difficult to have a successful marriage.
  • I do not think that diametrically opposite beliefs would make it easy but I do not believe that two people have to have the same religious beliefs to have a successful relationship.
  • Unfortunately so. It is hard to disagree with someone you will be spending the rest of your life with, it's different then disagreeing on where to go on vacation, this is a life long argument. I personally want my hubby to stand behind me always and that is hard to do when he doesn't agree and is on the other side of the fence. Also you have to think about kids you may have. What will you teach them? Especially if your beliefs are totally different and clash in many ways. One will always feel unimportant.
  • I sure hope not. My husband and I are quite different in many respects. He is more of a fighter, where as I will walk away from it. He is messy where as I am not. (OK, OK, well I don't tolerate it to the extent he does) We tend to bring out the best in each other and keep each other in check.
  • I think they don't have to but they should respect each other's belief.
  • nope not at all, my brother's father in law is an agnostic, and his mother in law was a devout catholic... they were madly in love even past when she died almost 2 years ago... just him hearing her name brings a 7 ft man to his knees in tears
  • Not necessarilly, as long as they respect each others beliefs, No couple will ever have the same beliefs in everything. but I think its better that way as they can learn of each other.It would be hard if they were complete opposites in everything.:-)+
  • If you had to live with yourself (say a clone) I bet you would kill it within a month. The main point is accepting difference. If one or both can't, it is doomed. If you both can, it could last forever. Good luck, whichever.
  • They have to believe in each for religious or political beliefs they have to respect each others views but not necessarily believe in totally the same thing. Children should be taught both sets of views and allowed to make their own decision when they are old enough.
  • no i dont think so... all that you need is mutual understanding and compatibility
  • I couldn't say 100% yes....... however, I do think they have to have common ground in more places than not.
  • I believe there needs to be common ground. You should be able to voice your opinon and be heard. The other person should respect your beliefs and try to support you, because they love you. You can always come to a compromise if you love one another and you know in your heart things are worth fighting for. Keeping Christ first is the foundation of any relationship and of any marriage.
  • It helps but two people with dissimilar beliefs can also get along.Successful marriage life is all about giving and getting respect.And space!
  • If they or one of them are serious about their beliefs, yes absolutely. If someone is going to use a belief system, a Holy book, a god's words and standards as their own, then they cannot have a peaceful, happy life with someone who doesn't use the same set of guidelines. If a couple follow the same values and principles then they can use them as their guide for their family, how to raise their children, how to settle differences, where to both turn in times of trouble, as comforter. But then again, if they are religious in name only it doesn't matter.
  • It would help. When I found out who my husband voted for, I had a hard time wanting to kiss him. (I got over it after a few days)
  • I think it is necessary for them to have some of the same beliefs. But how boring would it be if your s/o believed everything you did? I love having debates with my fiance about some of our different beliefs!
  • i think it could possibly help but if two people really love each other then their beliefs shouldn't get in the way. my friends parents have very different beliefs. one is catholic and one is a johova's whitnes. they've been married for over 20 years and they have their constant debates about religion but its just become a way of life for them.
  • My husband and I share the same core values and I'm sure that's a factor in why we get along so well.
  • exacly
  • Compatability in beliefs, character, values - sure does help when the honeymoon is over. Yes, have the same beliefs, please....
  • Not at all. My father was a free thinker and my mom is a catholic. My father allowed her to raise us (7 children) in her faith and related choices, as long as she respected our freedom. She was not a fair observer of that apparent rule. My father was quite tolerant and always encouraged us to read and question things. My father just died, the outcome? 5 of us are agnostic, 1 catholic, 1 protestant.
  • Yes, having the same beliefs/values/ideals would make for a better relationship.
  • Yes, it does help. It's rare that two religions work in a relationship, especially if children are involved as both partners will want to exersize their beliefs on their kids. I heard of one case in which the parents split the religion and brought the kid up both protestant and whatever the other religion was (I think it was some form of Christian-like belief). But often, over time you can't ignore the two different religions. I think the tenseness of this aided in my parent's split-up.
  • Not necessarily...

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