• Unless there is a problem like a bad power supply, your Power Options are probably configured to turn off the monitor and hard drive after a period of time. Go to Control Panel -> Power Options. An easy way to change the settings would be to choose the Always On scheme and hit OK.
  • if you have checked power setting as Benjammin suggested and no changes then turn off system and un plug and take to another room and open and look inside, see how much dust and lint is built up on fans and power supply etc. if alot chances are its over heating, get a can of air and blow ever thing out (if you feel you must reach inside be sure and keep one arm on case to ground your self) once this is done plug case back in and watch fan on power supply, see how fast its moving, should be very fast if not and it shuts down again here is your problem, its dieing and needs replacing. if it doesn't shut down again then chances are cleaning took care of problem.
  • If what the other answerers' suggestions don't work, maybe you should do a virus scan. Some viruses do do that.
  • DO THIS 1. ~~ right click on your desktop 2. ~~ click personalize, then screensaver, then power settings. IN THERE you can tell your computer how long to wait till it shuts down automatically to save wear and power use. .................... You can tell it three things-----1. to shut the hard drive down after an hour (good idea) to save it from wearing out sooner (this will not shut your computer down, it will just stop the drive from spinning all the time wearing itself out for no reason) ----------2. to shut the screen off (and/or go to a screensaver of your choosing) after how long (I suggest 45 minutes, or an hour)------ 3. you can tell it when to shut the computer off entirely (after how many hours of non-use) I suggest three hours. And remember where these settings are because you may need to temporarily disable it from shutting itself down after a while, for some reason (like if you need to run a program overnight sometime). LASTLY - while you're in there - notice it offers you to chose to save electricity OR let it use all it wants to run best. I recommend let it run best!

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