• if you have another primary job, you can freelance and submit photos to local or national newspapers or magazines for pay. if you want photography to be your primary job, you can go to work for a newspaper or mag, but they usually prefer applicants to have a degree in photojournalism. you also need a really good portfolio in that case. also, you can do portraits out of your home, or a studio, or do wedding photography.
  • 5-4-2017 Photography is not a main job. You have to have another job to support it. You can be a journalist with a camera, a wedding consultant with a camera, a wildlife scientist with a camera, and so on, but there is no job called "photographer".
  • If I were you, I'd contact local photographers & get their opinions/ideas on what you could do......the other replies here are very informative and helpful, too!!
  • Years ago I had a Polaroid camera & thought I was hot lived near a nursing home and thought it'd be SO COOL to get permission from the owners to photograph families, etc., on holidays/birthdays, that sort of thing............. yeah, right!! everyone wants a dinky Polaroid print.....LOL anyway, you could use that as an idea for a start in something local,.... reunions, etc........I don't that I'm re-reading this it sounds kinda hokey, but I thought it'd be worth putting out there...... you never know; it could give you an even better idea. GOOD LUCK and have fun with it, whatever you decide to to!!

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