• Brown
    • Venus1485
  • bluish purple
  • i'd wear black
  • Navy dress and navy shoes. Purple dress with lilac shoes in the summer or black knee high boots in the winter.
  • A pair of silver shoes would go nicely with either dress.
  • I wear black knee-high boots with just about ANY dress, but I do have a nice little pair of silver platform sandals for classier affairs. those would go with navy or purple quite nicely I think!
  • Red, if I ever wore a dress I would wear red shoes, no matter what colour the dress was. Do they do 4" heels in size 11?
    • Linda Joy
      They do! I hope you get a red dress to match though! Red shoes with navy or purple is a bad choice!
  • Black or silver with blue.
  • NEVER EVER wear black with navy blue! That looks like you are color blind or just can't match your clothes well. Also, it isn't 1991, so you wouldn't wear navy blue shoes (period.) The only really good option is silver, but gold is a possibility depending on the whole look. It would sort of make it a 'nautical' style. Also, tan/nude shoes are a do if its the right season and the right style dress... that's more of a casual thing though.
    • Linda Joy
      Black goes fine with either.
  • Electric orange with yellow polka dots. No really, trust me on this one.
  • Black silver or gold.. Depends on the dress.. if it's youthful you can wear pastel shaded, and if its more old fashioned brown would do also..
  • It really depends on the type of shoe. I highly suggest that you wear this dress to wherever it is you prefer to buy shoes and try on a couple of pairs, looking in a full-length mirror. As a rule of thumb, black pumps with a navy blue dress is a no-no, however someone was correct in saying that you could wear high black boots. Just remember to match them with a black bag. Navy blue pumps (the exact same shade) are fine with a navy blue dress. Just make sure that they are a nice, fairly modern shape. No clunky heels and/or matte leather or else your pumps turn into chuch lady shoes. You might also try finding a shoe with navy accents - white, gray, tan, all these colors work with navy. All these people who are suggesting that you wear silver or gold shoes - don't do it! You are not, I think, going to the club in your navy blue dress. No matter what is in the fashion magazines or in the department store, mettalic clothes are never, ever excusable outside of a cheesy night club where no decent person will see you.
  • Dispite what people say you can wear navy shoes. I your case it would probably be too monocramatic, being that you would want to match you shoes to your purse. High fasion I would say bone (not white) alittle less tan or flesh tone. Red can work but you may run the risk of looking too nautical. Gold is wrong dont do it. And as others have said silver only if it is a club. Dont be afraid to try color other colors will work depending on where you are going. Navy is classy so if your going for classy try the bone with pearls.
  • I would recommend a deep rich brown shoe with a navy dress. But definately the style of the shoe should coordinate with the style of the dress. I think the shape and style of the shoe is more of a factor than color....with any dress of any color. Not any every black shoe will go with every black dress!!
  • Definitely NOT black. White, silver, or gold would be good.
  • Choose from this list, (this ISO is the one that caught my eye):
  • gold or silver, but nothing too shiny or loud.. those colors will bring out the dress
  • I wear cordovan shoes with navy dresses. I never wear purple, because it's hard to match.
    • Linda Joy
      And impossible to rhyme. I think you are Jenny Rizzo!
  • whatever color you want to wear
  • Have the shoes dyed to match. Can't go wrong then.
  • whatever color you want

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