• I was shocked to find that out here in Hollywood...the men can really spread the word. Its weird. They gossip. But in general, the language centers in a woman's brain are more advanced in their wiring. Therefore, women are more apt to utilize this function.
  • Because they have little to no self esteem and the put down people to satisfy their own minds of insecurity.
  • Well, according to a close male friend of mine, he said to me one day that we women would be surprised at how some men gossip about each other and carry on, argue, fight, and have "hissy-fits" sometimes WAAAAY more than us women!!! Wow..think on THAT!!!
  • I don't think that women own the patent on gossiping. I had to deal with many gossipy guys in the workplace so I guess gossip isn't a hormonal thing.
  • Guys do gossip, they just don't as openly. My friend and I used to hang out with people who spoke another language, and we began to realize all they did was gossip! Pretty funny.

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