• I have canned on a flat top stove for 4 years. People say not to because of the weight, I use an aluminum canner that is lite.
  • I tried it once. But wouldn't do it again. For one thing the pot is too big for the largest burner. My canning kettle also does not have a completely flat bottom which you should have for a flat top stove. Also It took forever to come to a boil. The weight of the pot, filled jars and water may be too heavy for a glass top. Just my 2 cents.
  • My canning pot is flat and I use it on my glass top stove. All is doing just fine. Yes, it takes awhile to boil all that water, just as it does on an electric stove. I can several times a year and it works just fine for me!
  • I recently attended a canning class at our local Kitchen Supply store. The instructor/owner said he has had two customers who tried to can on their glass top stove and ended up cracking them. The area that is outside the burner/ring on the glass top is not meant to be heated to high temps. So what happens is that when you place your canner on the stove and it overflows outside of the burner/ring, the outside area will heat up and cause the top to crack. Since I have a glass top myself, he recommended using a camping stove outside, as just one alternative, and the other alternative was to buddy up with a friend who has a "regular" stove and can with them.

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