• Sex. Same as every other day. :)
  • LOL-- Three ex-husbands and 20+ yrs of men, I gotta agree with AintThataPip...after all, He Rules... Never met a man who isn't thrilled with a big bow around YOUR new lingerie for his birthday. If you're married, tuck a Home Depot gift card in your waistband. If you're not that intimate yet, just the Home Depot or Best Buy gift card.. Men are a lot easier to please than you would think: he;ll be thrilled that you remembered and a little embarrassed too... Enjoy
  • A six pack, some issues of Playboy and some privacy
  • I Personally like a kit of colon you know the one that brings the colon and the aftershave and allot of other stuff in it and its not hat expensive its really good
  • YOU MUST get something for him which his own money cannot buy: A homemade card - even if it's computer-generated BUT hand-made is better. A very special love letter. Something which is practical, yet which you made: a decorated can to store his pens and pencils. IF YOU are working, take him out for dinner, a show and on a little shopping trip for a couple shirts, a couple pair of pants, shoes, cologne, etc. Put on a little "private show" just for him. Only you and him in the home, His favorite music, his favorite food, some candles, etc. You do a little "teasing" dance or display. Make a series of "coupons" just for him. Any coupon can be "redeemed" or "presented for payment" at any time. Wash his car. Do his wash. Take his clothes to the cleaners. Go to the bank to make deposits. Pay a portion of his rent (or all of it). Pay a utility bill - or more. Buy his gasoline for a week - or longer. Other things he does for youi or with you - exclusively just for him. Thanks for asking your Q! I enjoyed answering it! VTY, Ron Berue Yes, that is my real last name! Sources: Because you asked. "THE University of Hard Knocks" also known as ("a/k/a") "life's valuable lessons"
  • Serious answer- The best gift is something that the person wouldn't buy for themselves, but would use every day. Or something that has to do directly with thier passion or hobby. Joke answer- A Playstion 3! =P
  • If you're a guy, buy him a beer. If you're his woman...I paraphrase Ralphie May: 'There are only 2 gifts that a man wants from his lady...oral and shut the hell up!' Hahaha ;)~
  • .... dinner and sex
  • If you are married then sex Otherwise surprise him with a naughty nureses outfit etc
  • A stripper
  • good hot sex.
  • a new car
  • A woman, of course! Ready, willing, and able.
  • Hugo Boss but since I don't have money I would just cook him dinner and give him a lot of loving
  • for my bg i bought him a sneakers that he like then in the evening i took him to dinner and surprized him after
  • You in your birthday suit.
  • Long languid oral sex, and swallow like he came chocolate syrup. . Everything else is either less personal or just money. .
  • The best gift for a man is a kiss from a fit bird !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
  • Two six-pacs of beer, his favorite sort of TV movie, and you ... naked! LOL!
  • Complete indulgence in his ultimate fantasy - thats if he's willing to share it lol
  • Well it depends on what the man is to you..a BF or just a friend..I'm single now but one time i got my man because he worked construction i got him a manicure n pedicure he never had one and i went with him. He absolutely loved it. He was shy at first but now he goes once a month by himself and takes care of it all. He thanks me over and over..Now with his haircut it's his nails and feet..
  • a subscription to porn sites they love that lol =]
  • A gift experience... My boyfriend LOVES vintage aircraft, so for his last birthday i got him a 'red letter day' experience to fly 2 different vintage aircraft, drive a tank and get a personal tour of the UK's bggest aviation museum.
  • Do something totally out of your element or normal comfort level. I'm not trying to be crude but try something new in the bedroom...a dance, a strip, certain "actions".
  • Sex? :P
  • I would prefer attention and affection over a physical gift but something I wouldn't buy for myself would be the best physical gift.
  • Homemade Tacos

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