• My fiance sure does!! But I love him and I accept it for what it is, and I let him have his "last word". Not even just in arguments but in all aspects of life he has to have the last word. It doesnt really bother me that much so its easy to just ignore it. Funny that you gave it a name, "last-word syndrome" LOL!! I have to tell him about this because he is aware of the problem and we do joke about it! ;)
  • Nope, if anything, I'm too willing to just quite and leave someone just hanging there. I don't need the last word:-)
  • The biggest part of my relatives do. But then, there are several of them who are lawyers (go figure). Unfortunately, none of them are in my direct genetic line (not my parents or siblings).
  • I have a form of ADHD and one symptom is compulsive talking. I seem to need the first word, last word, and every word in between. My friends cope with it by simply going on as if I wasn't still talking.
  • Oh, I definitely do.

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