• A DJ. The funnier the better! :)
  • A band. I may be biased though.
  • I would say a DJ- They take requests, and they play music according to your crowd. The con about the karaoke machine is that not everyone will participate, and I'm sure you don't want to listen to your aunt sing Celine Dion all night.
  • I would prefer a DJ, then everyone is usually happy to hear something they like. Bands are ok but they never sound like they CD, sometimes they're terrible.haha
  • I would think a DJ.
  • I DJ'd a wedding before... its way better than a band and dont even think about karaoke
  • A good band that has a wide range of ability is the best, otherwise a good DJ. I have ussually been disappointed in the type of music a DJ plays. At my daughters wedding reception we had a more of a jazz type band, we had Connie Evingson and her band. my wife and I did a foxtrot to Fever by Peggy Lee.
  • A DJ, weddings have people of all ages and tastes and a band could not cater as well as a DJ.
  • Well, with a professional wedding DJ, you are sure to be entertained and have the day/night go smoothly and all the important events (introduction, garter/bouquet, cake cutting, etc.) will be organized. If you hire a band, they will only entertain as far as open dance goes but they are usually not organized with events (some have no clue what to do or say) and they do not usually play "dinner" music during dinner. I've never seen a karaoke machine at a wedding and I've been a wedding photographer for 11 years now and over 400 weddings.
  • I think a DJ works best with groups of people of different ages and is more flexible.
  • A DJ, without a doubt
  • probably none of those...i would suggest a lawyer...
  • DJ, you have a better variety of music that can be played.
  • a DJ AND a karaoke machine
  • Better? It depends on two things, as I see it. 1) The nature of the people who will be there...what kind of entertainment they like. 2) What the bride wants. Despite what us men think, a wedding event is REALLY all about supporting what she wants! make your sugggestions, but DON'T forget to ask the bride!
  • Why not all 3? DJ during cocktail hour and dinner Band for the first 3 hours Karaoke after everyone is looped and you can get the best blackmail footage of! :)
  • If I am lucky enough to choose (but doubtful as my mother will want to do some really elaborate thingy). This kind of thing is really important to her. As for me, I would pick all three choices above. I would adore a beach wedding, very informal, bikinis and horses. 2 bands--Alice Cooper (LOL) and Brian Setzer Orchestra. DJ--to play only during band breaks and of course, Karaoke for later--because my new hubby HAS to sing to me ( Karaoke is fun when everyone has had a sufficient number of "beverages"
  • DJ and a big dance floor.
  • i think a band are best - they can cater for most music tastes and some even throw in a bit of entertainment to get the crowd involved in the party atmosphere!!! good luck
  • I personally prefer a band.
  • I think a DJ
  • Oh no karaoke! Depends on what effect you are going for. A DJ now does what bands used to do which is play songs for dancing and that people like and run the reception. I would guess most bands don't know the variety of favorites that they used to so you would be better with a good DJ.. As far as the enjoyment of your guests. But if it is the kind of reception where dancing is not that important it might be good to get a band that you like and you want your guests to hear so it becomes more entertainment than dancing.

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