• They're all just as harmful as each other, but as well as cigarettes having tar and nicotine in they all contain other 'harmful' chemicals. Each brand has a different 'harmful' chemical. For example Marlboro lights contain Carbon Monoxide which is a chemical known to destroy and 'harm' your liver.....*needs to give up* :o/
  • Excerpts from the Surgeon General's report on May 27, 2004. "U.S. Surgeon General Richard H. Carmona today released a new comprehensive report on smoking and health, revealing for the first time that smoking causes diseases in nearly every organ of the body. Published 40 years after the surgeon general's first report on smoking -- which concluded that smoking was a definite cause of three serious diseases -- this newest report finds that cigarette smoking is conclusively linked to diseases such as leukemia, cataracts, pneumonia and cancers of the cervix, kidney, pancreas and stomach." "Another major conclusion, consistent with recent findings of other scientific studies, is that smoking so-called low-tar or low-nicotine cigarettes does not offer a heath benefit over smoking regular or "full-flavor" cigarettes. [i.e., all cigarettes are equally harmful.] "There is no safe cigarette, whether it is called 'light,' ultra-light,' or any other name," Dr. Carmona said. "The science is clear: the only way to avoid the health hazards of smoking is to quit completely or to never start smoking. Parenthetical phrase has been added.
  • The Surgeon General will tell you that there is no such thing as a 'safer cigarette', but I disagree. I used to smoke Marlboro regulars, which at $4 a pack, should be of exceptional quality. Every pack of industrial cigarettes, in my experience, contains nasty chemicals. Added chemicals are usually in the tobacco, and always in the paper. Flammable accelerants are added to the paper to keep it burning (the more you smoke, the more you buy!). In this way, the cigarette keeps burning whether you puff on it or not. And yes, even Winstons have loads of chemicals in their papers. Additionally, the tobacco conatains many, many added chemicals. Ammonia is added because when inhaled, it causes faster absorption of nicotine. Different emollients are added to 'seal' the tobacco and keep it from becoming too moist or too dry. There are many other additives that I cannot name, and/or don't know the functions of. Anyway, after years of smoking Marlboro's, I noticed a friend of mine smoking hand-rolled cigarettes out of a tin, and bummed one from him. The brand was Natural American Spirit. These taste so much better to me, plus, they're tax exempt in many states. They burn longer, and don't produce those billowing clouds of noxious white smoke that comes from standard cigarettes. They just don't seem to 'stink' like other cigarettes. And you know how cigarettes leave that nasty yellow stain on you fingers and teeth? Well, these don't. After switching to American Spirit, the onset symptoms of emphysema I was experiencing faded (WOW! trust me :) And no, they're not GOOD for you, but I'm certain they're not a fraction as BAD for you as industrial brands. Here's a good test for a cigarette to see if it has added chemicals. Light it up and get it burning, then set it down for a while and check on it later. If it just 'went out' after a minute or two, it's natural, but if it burned to a little column of ash and/or left a nasty blackish yellow streak, it had additives for sure.
  • American Spirits have no additives, but youre still smoking which is pretty harmful.
  • honestly,if your gunna smoke,you should just pick the worse one,they are all bad,why not just go the whole nine yards? i know this doesnt answer the question so dont mark me down
  • I havent seen these around for a while but "CANDY " yes candy cigaretts have verry little additives.
  • Less harmful, don't know. But there is no such thing as a safe cigarette. Inhalation of any kind of smoke is damaging to your lungs regardless of additives.
  • It doesn't matter, your killing yourself slowly no matter what BRAND you smoke.
  • The brand you never smoke
  • NONE! cancer sticks regardless.
  • John and bloodworth are the only people who tried to answer the question. The questioner did not request opinions on smoking itself, he/she asked which brand was the least harmful? Just like any other product, there are differences in each brand of cigarettes, so it only goes to show that some cigs are worse than others. The logical conclusion and answer would be naming the brand that has the least (or no) chemical additives. For example, do you think that city drinking water is better or worse than bottled (from a spring) water? I would rather drink the bottled water myself. I just have a hard time reconciling where the city water (recycled, in part, from sewage) came from. I'll pick Mother Nature's filtering system anytime, and go with the spring water. This is essentially what the questioner was asking in relation to the cigs. He already knows all brands ARE BAD. He just wanted input as to how they compare to each other.
  • ummmmmmmm eclipse cigarettes do not burn they evaporate so thats not as bad plus theres less chemicals in em. You can also get American Spirits or QUEST cigarettes. The Quest company has three different kinds one of which is nicotine free.
  • I don't know about least harmful, but there are "natural" cigarettes that don't have additives, and are supposed to not be nearly as addictive. They are available at tobacco shops, but I doubt you'd find them anywhere else. On the flip side, I've been told Menthols are the worst.
  • the candy variety (and even the sugar is bad for you!)
  • How many people are going to answer this question with something other than an actual answer? As has been said already, the op KNOWS cigarettes are bad so stop saying "CIGARETTES ARE BAD FOR YOU!" like some drone parroting the psa you just saw on tv. Everyone knows full well how bad cigarettes are for their body. They smoke anyway, they don't need you or anyone else to tell them it's harming them in some way.
  • Wow, you all are quite annoying! Anyway, to answer the original question.. I am very health conscious..only eat organic, nothing processed, work out, etc. Yet, I will partake in the occasional cigarette and when I do I will smoke American spirits, which are additive free. In your typical (marlboro,parliment, camel, etc) cigarette there are over 500 chemical additives, many of which are toxic and carcinogenic. here's a complete list: Although American spirits are still bad for you, they are a much better alternative. check out this link: hope that helps!
  • 1) I thought before this would be chocolate cigarettes. But some people say thay they bring children into the habit of holding a cigarette in their mouth, so it would not be so true: "Advocates of public health care consider candy cigarettes (cigarette sweets) one example of the way in which international trademark or copyright laws are violated to promote tobacco products to children. 1 2 People with vested interests in confectionery and tobacco have denied these claims and argued that restrictions on confectionery resembling tobacco products are unnecessary. We review recently available documents from the tobacco industry, which describe cooperation between the manufacturers of tobacco and candy cigarettes, ineffectual trademark enforcement, evidence that candy cigarettes may promote smoking, suppression of unfavourable findings from research sponsored by the confectionery industry, and successful attempts to avoid legislation or regulation." Source and further information: 2) This could eventually be an option: "Tobacco-free cigarettes are available for smokers progressively wanting to quit nicotine addiction, and these contain a mixture of various herbs like jasmine, ginseng and clover. However, these still contain damaging tar and carbon dioxide like regular cigarettes, as well as many chemical compounds released by the burning process. So these are not really a healthy option. Other herbal medications like Kava Kava, a natural anti-anxiety medication, as well as a wide range of natural remedies are available to the ex-smokers." Source:
  • electronic cigarettes are leats harmful they contain dilute nicotine and when u inhale u just inhale nicotine vapour, so no smoke and no fire needed
  • I have to accept that I smoke filtered-cigarettes and have been looking for a new brand to smoke that is less harmful. See I started with CAMELS and recently I've changed to KENT which i believe to be less-harmful (or maybe it's a propaganda bluff). Any way I am in the search of a brand of filtered-cigarettes to smoke regularly and basically these are my options because they are commercial cigarettes that I can find in any 7-eleven jaj.: CAMEL (Normals or Smooth), KENT (Blue)or Marlboro (Blue or Lights). If anyone knows anything about these brands that could advise me to make a decision, please do me the honor, and in a way i think it answers the original question, kind off.
  • Cigarette smoking is harmful to the smoker and to everyone around you, no matter what you smoke. Trying to find the "least" harmful is just looking for a reason to make it OK to continue to smoke.
  • IMO, Natural American Spirit is the least harmful. It is one of the very few tobacco's available that are grown organically, and no additives what so ever. Just tobacco, grown in the dirt, shredded, and pouched - ready for you to roll. I almost only smoke american spirit, and its the best tobacco i have ever had!

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