• First of all, I have never met a women that loves to give oral sex. Sure I know that they are out there, but every one that gives me a BJ complains after five minutes that their jaw is getting sore. Secondly; I love going down on a women. It's like home for me. It's not unheard of for me to camp out down there for a good hour.
  • There may be other reasons. Maybe men/women that seek prostitutes have certain fetishes or fantasies that they don't feel comfortable sharing with their s/o. I'm not saying it's right OR safe...but that could be a reason.
  • Hey! Also Prostitutes are available, never say no, usually give great head, and dont require me to put my teeth in or shave if I don't wanna.And when you are done you do not have to bother with the small talk or walking her home.
  • I'd give any girl oral sex. I love to lick pussy
  • Most women love to give oral? If only that were true. You don't know how many times I've heard a woman say "I don't do it but he does it for me". It kinda pisses me off because it's extremely selfish. These are people that only care about there own needs. Any man or woman that wants to receive should give.
  • This discussion is at a very low level. What about love? What about giving someone something they want because you love them, and not because of what you want in return?
  • i agree with what a lot of the guys are saying here cuz i heard my man AND a lot of my guy friends say this OVER and over and over...AND I've heard lots of women say it: most women dont like giving oral sex. i gotta admit, it can be physical hard work, which i dont think guys really think about
  • i am trying to start out as male prostitute, I am in Memphis,Tn. You can come pay me forever sexual fantasy you want.
  • Wow.. I can't believe there is any guy who doesn't love giving a woman oral sex. I would lick any woman as long as she wanted as often as she wanted, and not even expect anything in return. It is the most wonderful taste and feeling in the world. Most women I know cum to quickly when I lick them, and then they want me to stop as the become "too sensitive". I would love a woman who would let me lick her for hours and have her cum as often as possible, as long as I don't have to stop. I thought all guys thought that way... havign a woman cum for my tongue is just wonderful (and tasty)
  • If I were to hire a male escort (and the time is perhaps not far when I might consider doing so) it is not oral I would want from him.
  • Most men won't give you oral sex? Seriously? I love to give oral sex especially to my gf who goes crazy for it. To see her moan and squirm as I lick her clit is hot. The most incredible male turn-on, I get a hard on just thinking about it. Your bfd;s don't know what they are missing.

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