• Can I answer as a teenage daughter? My parents are fine with it.
  • depends on the daugther depends on the bikini depends on the public
  • As long as it covers what it's legally supposed to cover, it would be no problem.
  • Yep I sure would, bikini wearing teens are asking to be raped.
  • Probably yes. Why would she have to wear a bikini in public? That would attract more trouble than regular attention.
  • probably. bikinis these days cover less than some underwear
  • yes now bikinis don't really cover anything.
  • G'day Anonymous, Thank you for your question. It would be her decision as long as it wasn't too revealing. Regards
  • Ok, then they are enticing rapists by flaunting their body.
  • No. There are topless beaches and nude beaches why be upset over a bikini?
  • what kind of public? beach public, college campus public, high school class public, shopping at the mall public. this dad would have a problem with ever public except beach public. on the beach it is a uniform. and everyone looks the same.
  • ummm like at the beach or a pool? or like at McDonalds? depends. Beach is cool. Mc Ds...not cool
  • At the Beach or Pool, NO. In the High Street yes I would have a problem.
  • Not if it complies with the law and is worn in appropriate places like a pool or beach.
  • yes. As a 27yo mother of two daughters i would have a problem but i lead by example and do not wear a bikini myself. in the end though its up to them i wouldnt jeopardise my relationship with them over what they are wearing.
  • This is a very good subject and any parent with a young daughter will most likely go through this at some point. I remember the first time I saw my teenager in a bikini and I almost died. She was 18 but looked 25 and of course the males were hanging around. It bothered me because it sends the wrong message in my opinion. It attracts the wrong kind of attention in public. If its in your backyard pool area, fine.. but in public, wear a sarong or cover up.... it leaves little to the imagination and attracts vulgar attention. When I was younger, I had a hot body and did pretty much up until my last child at 36 and I was very shy about walking around in a bikini, I just felt exposed, so I usually wore a sarong or long net cover up... my husband thought I looked just as sexy covered and was probably glad I wasnt exposing myself for all to see. Call me old fashioned but my husband met me in a turtle neck and jeans and thought I was pretty hot without showing anything, he said the anticipation was worth the wait... he is the kind of man a woman would want to attract not the drooling fool kind who only notice your chest... he most likely would not have even went for me had I dressed like that. And no, he is not controlling at all, he wanted someone who was modest and had more brains than body, he lucked out because he got it all.
  • well I am a teenager if i may answer, I'd say they should not accept it ^_-

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