• Yes :)
  • yes. Friendship includes respecting the wishes of the friend.
  • Very upset
  • Yes. Perhaps that person is not true friend quality.
  • If the friend agrees to and then ignores his/her word... yes, I'll be upset. But, I'll also be glad to know that, that person, was not trustworthy enough to be a real friend.
  • A friend always respects the wishes, needs, and feelings of his/her friend. That's just all there is to it. A friend that doesn't show that respect and courtesy... isn't doing a very good job fulfilling such a role in your life, ya know?
  • If my reason was serious, I would be majorly upset and confused at why my friend did not respect my reasonings. However, if it was out of being nervous or I give some silly reason, I wouldn't really care about being in the spotlight. I mean, I kind of like it. :)
  • Yes I would be upset especially after asking them not to do it.
  • Yes i would be very upset. Trust, respect and consideration form the foundation of every close friendship I share in, value and hold close to my heart :)
  • Yes, although I would not be angry because if it is a "friend", then the motives were honorable. A friend should honor such a request, but sometimes a friend gets carried away with good intentions and thinks the person in question "deserves" the attention or really would like it but is too modest to say so. However, if it occurred a lot then I'd get angry because it would mean that person's own desires were put above my wishes and friends don't do stuff like that! :) ((hugs)) Happy Monday! :)
  • yes i would. but i would also ask my friend why she did this and try to see the good in the situation before getting too worked up. :)
  • Haha this happened to me once and even though i told her not too i really wanted her to so i wasnt pissed really. But yeah u should be pissed. I mean if a friend is willing to betray u over something that little what else would they betray u about
  • Yes, I would be upset. I would get over it pretty fast depending on what that person's motive was. If it's a friend, I'd be willing to work things out.
  • Yeah, after i cam out of the catatonic coma i would never speak to them again.
  • my husband told another member of the congregation that his father passed away. that member wanted to announce it to the congreation. my husband asked him not to announce it more thant once. it was announced anyway... so when people came up to offer sympathy and condolences, my husband was not upset and some people thought my husband was putting on a tough guy act when her really just had a shitty and estranged relationship with his father.
  • Yes, I would be highly upset. I would expect my friend, to respect my wishes. That would put a huge damper on the relationship, I wouldnt be able to trust them. The only thing that I could think that they would do that, is they are self centered, and want attention for their selves, via through you.
  • Under those circumstances, it would seem a bit hostile for the friend to do.
  • Yes, it would bother me, because I would hope being my friend, they would respect my wishes. I would trust them less next time.
  • A little and it's happened to me many times. You just have to let it go. I understand though--it's just that your friend doesn't.
  • No not necessarily. I guess it would depend on what type of light was used. If it was an unflattering light I might be annoyed but I would be more annoyed with myself for getting myself in an unflattering position. If it was a favorable light I might be a little embarrassed but I wouldn't be mad at my friend.
  • Only if there was a great deal of spite involved. If it was clear to them that it would be upsetting to me. I would say yes.
  • I pretend to be but secretly I would enjoy all the attention.

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