• YES YOU CAN. The citation says sign or signature, it does not say exact signature. However, your name is still on the citation, and just because you think your going to be smart and swipe an X on it and declare that you never signed the ticket, the judge may have a shock for you, and slap you with the fine anyway. Your signature is a promise to appear before the court on a given date, even if you swipe an X on it, you still have that obligation to appear. Be a man, and take your medicine.
  • If a traffic violator refuses to sign a written traffic citation, the officer writes "refused to sign", in the autograph section. an x will do, as long as you either pay the fine or appear in court to answer the citation. Either way, the citation is very valid. if you do not pay or appear, a warrant will be issued.
  • maybe not
  • The problem with that is that the cop also has your driver's license which has your "official signature" on it. It's a quick and easy thing to check and if those two things don't match you'll have a problem.

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