• You can still buy stocks of course, and make money from them, but the money you might get would be very small. Why? As you've said, they are BIG companies. Many others have similar stocks. You would be just one of the many sharing the profits. Also, I believe those companies increase or have the capability to increase their capitalization. Whatever stocks you have, their power are bound to be diluted by any increase in the capitalization.
  • Yes, if you have faith in the company. The key is knowing when to buy and sale. Watch the individual stock records. The best move is to buy now and not sale for many years down the road. Everytime you buy or sale, there is a fee. These can add up. Generally, you don't use blue stock companys for speculation. Even though Microsoft has moved into a more stable company, it is still a volatile field that can change overnight. All it takes is one kid to come up with a better operation system that works with everything and Microsoft can take a huge hit. That is pretty much how they got started in the first place.
  • Yes you can still purchase stock but be aware that your return on that investment will not be as substantial as you might wish :)
  • With global economy slowing down due to increasing oil prices, investments everywhere very risking. Try renewable energy companies instead but return will be very small, still better than the more risky alternatives
  • Yes ... Stocks flutter constantly ... the key to making money on stocks is knowing when to buy, when to sell, and when to buy back again ... if you just buy and hold, the stock may eventually rise and stay up in value, but you can make a lot more money if you keep re-buying and re-selling it as it rises slightly then drops slightly then rises again ...

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