• in my own answer, the answer is yes and no. i thought the movies were a fantastic depiction with great imagery. but i'm saddened to see how it has destroyed the unique and deep lore of the books. Everything now is compared to the movies, not the books. this is frustrating considering many liberties were taken and many characters and personalities were destroyed in the movies. perhaps they movies should only have been released to those that had read the books hehehe... just devil's advocate here
  • no i don't think so
  • There is a reason the books and movies will always be a hit. - there has always been and will always be evil in the world, no matter what your background (hobbbits are in no doubt evil to orcs :) ) - the story is inspirational, as it is loosely said: even the smallest person can make a difference. the entire story will always touch and inspire people.

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