• Pointed hats?
  • Two evils by a different agenda ... yet their methods were the same ... to kill innocent people for being different to them ... HELL awaits all those that are not already there ... ..
  • The NAzis were a German phenomenon, coming primarily out of the anti-Jewish mentality that had pervaded European society for centuries.The KKK were a reaction against the freeing of the slaves and their increasing visibility in Southern Society. However, they are not totally unlinked. It is interesting that the ideal of Concentration camps came out of the American Civil War. If you look up Andersonville and look at the photos that came out of it, you will see big similarities with the Nazi Death Camps. There is a good reason for this: the journals of the doctor at Andersonville were published and Hitler had a copy, which he used to base his camps on. So there are some links between the two groups, via the mentality that existed in the Civil War and the ante-bellum south. Hitler definitely used ideas from the South in crafting his beliefs. They share a belief in the superiority of whites/Caucasians and a belief that other peoples are secondary/slaves etc
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      "If you look up Andersonville and look at the photos that came out of it, you will see big similarities with the Nazi Death Camps." - They're not "similarities" - they're the same photos. It's an example of fakery used to promote the intentional starving claims against Germany. In both cases (Andersonville and Nazi Germany) the photos show emaciated bodies - caused by disease epidemics.
  • The difference between the KKK and the Nazis are that the Nazis were a government with in a Nation fighting for living space in the world.The Nazis were very organized govenment machine that ran like clock work with a leader and ministers. The Nazis did not like many things and the Jews became their scapegoat while having an antisemetic out look but they were not in hate of all minorities it was not fueled by hate, the Nazis were fueled by power, Where as the KKK are an organization of Ex civil war buffs that wore pillow cases over their heads and ran around killing people of colour mainly blacks, The KKK are a bunch of hate mongers that try to allign themselves with the Nazis but the truth of the matter is that the Nazis would not have anything to do with KKK for they are so off to right field that they would not fit the profile of any of the requirements of an SS group, the intelectual capacity of the KKK would not suffice.
  • That funky little moustache.
  • Congratulations the social justice warriors have succeeded in confusing you. The KKK and Nazism are worlds apart. Go to the library and learn what the KKK is then learn about Nazism. You will find that there is no relationship. Note that if you find only that they were both anti Semitic and anti black then you didn't learn anything.

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