• does it also make the noise more when you turn one direction or the other? sounds to me like a cv joint going bad. it would sound something like when you put a baseball card it your bike spokes as a child, just louder.
  • Knowing little about cars this I will say -- if, and I doubt it is the timing chain, I would not drive until I had it changed out, Talking serious change if it goes, usually no warning, most recommend changing around 100,000 miles. Valves? Maybe.
  • It might be "pinging". I don't remember exactly what causes the sound but years ago the problem was blamed on low octane gas. Try a tank of higher octane gas. Pretty sure your Toyota has a timing belt (not a timing chain) and if that breaks your engine immediately stops running and in many engines the valves that were open when the belt broke get hit by the cylinders causing quite a bit of damage.

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