• Mostly by playing with it. You don't have to learn every single tool right away. Practice on the things that you need to do with it, like retouching photos (or whatever your goal is). It helps to have a friend to ask questions of, but you can also go to online help sites. I think there's a tutorial that comes with it, too. That's a good starting point. And the "help" section of Photoshop is usually pretty good, though it's sometimes tricky knowing exactly how to word your question to get the answer you want (and the "help" section seems to sometimes send you in circles without really giving an answer). One thing I DON'T recommend is going to a mass class (like for hundreds of people, rather than 5 to 10). The instructors at these go really fast, and if you're not already somewhat familiar with Photoshop, you'll get lost quickly. And they don't give you time to take notes. If you want a class, find the smallest one you can. Or try to get a one-on-one class. Maybe from a friend, maybe by hiring someone. You could probably get some leads on someone to hire by asking one of the members of the Geek Squad. I don't think that conflicts with their regular work, since I don't think teaching is one of the services they offer. I might be wrong about that, but if you go to one of their stores in person and ask nicely, one of the Geeks might be willing to make a suggestion -- or offer to be a teacher him/herself. Good luck. Photoshop's a powerful thing and worth learning.
  • Another way to learn is go to YOUTUBE and type in ICEFLOW STUDIOS. THey do photoshop tutorials and they are VERY good. its how I'm learning how to use photoshop
  • I took a class in college. The rest I learned just by playing with the program.
  • For the finer tutorials, found by searching, and following links others point to. Also, I did a lot with book tutorials; if you have a laptop, you can take a look at bookshops, without buying, unless it's very worthwhile.

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