• I think it's safer to keep your full attention on driving.
  • Yes it is a distraction, even if you use the ear piece.
  • Like I said... last Friday a woman I used to be friends with was driving her Ford Escape and I was honking and waving... cut in front of her and with the bluetooth in her left ear blinking.. I just might as well have been INVISIBLE.
  • Ultimately, a headset is safer than holding the phone to your ear, but it's still a distraction either way.
  • I completely agree. Hurtling down the road at 80 mph in a hunk of metal is an activity that should command all your attention. Talking on the phone is a distraction, regardless of whether or not you have a hands free device.
  • We have a bluetooth device that doubles up as a rear view mirror. No ear piece. It's like talking to someone in the car with you. It's safer than the ear piece, that can hinder your hearing and interfere with your driving.
  • It's no more distracting to me than talking to someone in the car, or listening to the radio/CD. In fact, I believe I'm even MORE attentive when I'm on the phone than when I'm not. I don't WANT to be blamed for driving inattentively. Then again, I don't do it that much. For those who WOULD be talking on the phone while they're driving a LOT, I can see how they may go into "auto-pilot" and be less attentive, though.
  • It depends. Some people are very good at handling distractions, but with the way technology is advancing these days people can use their cars as phones (cars that have built in GPS/computer) and it'll be like someone's in the car with you.
  • I think it's kind of unfair when your life and others are at stake. But then again I do understand that some people might concentrate better [just like with music]. I would still go with pulling over to use the phone, it doesn't seem fair to others, to me.
  • Cellphones are a proven distraction whether hands-free or held. Certainly hands free is preferred and more acceptable but a distraction is a distraction.
  • It is illegal in the UK.
  • It's been proven by tests that when the person you are trying to listen to isn't there in person, you are distracted, and it doesn't matter if you are holding the handheld kind of phone or listening with a headpiece. It's the concentration that matters. Sure, your' hands aren't occupied, but that is the least of your worries when you are trying to listen to someone not there.
  • Study after study has proven that any activity other than driving dangerously distracts a driver. As a motorcycle rider, I consider the most dangerous thing on the road to be a young woman with a cellphone stuck in her ear! : ((
  • absolutely it is a cause of major distraction while driving, it leads to absentmindness and therefore chances of accidents are more
  • Being on a cell phone while driving is a real distraction. The caller don't see the traffic like you do. A passanger in the car will let you have your full attention on driving when needed and even help you by pointing out hazzards. A person on the phone doesn't see the hazzards, etc. and cannot adjust their conversation.
  • Yeah, I usually just don't answer my phone when I'm in the car. I just let it go to voice mail and call them back when I get to where I'm going.

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