• Visit the official website featuring the state laws of Indiana: There, you can review the statutes involved by entering a suitable Keyword or term at the Search field. More important: call your Heartland Crossing representative and discuss the CCRs with that person. It should be easy to find the legal limit using these methods. You can do it! --ProAnnouncer
  • I also live in Heartland Crossing and received a $90 late fee for a payment that was received (according to there records on June 5th) This was 5 days past the due date of May 31st. My husband has had numerous conversations requesting that they remove the fee. I'm sorry but a 50% late fee is excessive. We have lived in HC for almost 11 years now and have NEVER been charged a late fee even though I have in the past made the payment a week or so late. In the latest call he requested a copy of the meeting minutes showing that the homeowners approved the charge. We also mentioned that we have not received a HOA budget that is promised in the HOA agreement for over 7 years and we have been unable to attend meetings becuase we had no advanced notice. He also expressed our concerns that covenants are regularly ignored. They DID take the charge off after he informed them that we intend to seek leagal representation. She said that was not the reason why but you can draw your own conclusions.
    • mushroom
      Well, I hope this will prompt you to attend meeting religiously. There's nobody to blame but yourself if apathy has led to this situation. Having been involved in a decade-long battle with our HOA, once the group in control becomes entrenched, you had better be prepared to fight the legal battle. Start a group of concerned citizens, distribute newsletters but stay away from the name calling. Read the law thoroughly and use it to your advantage.

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