• Woohoo!! You are my hero!! I vote for Dyson Baby :)
  • I was once a service man in a vacuum shop and I've worked on almost every brand out there and I can honestly say that the older Electrolux canisters were the best made as far as performance and durability. The first edition Silverado was probably the best that they have made. ` The newer ones aren't made as well and are far too expensive. ` As for new vacuums and uprights, the best bang for the buck is the Bissell Powerforce Turbo (bagless). They're quite powerful and well designed without breaking the bank.
  • can't say that i have much to go off for comparison but i have a portable one that is called "shark" ... it gets the job done!
  • I had a Sears Kenmore vac last me 20 years. Lately, I haven't had very good luck with a Hoover and an Orvac. The motors in these models burned out in a little over a year.:( My Bissell has been very reliable lately.
  • Outerspace
  • Oreck, lightweight and they totally suck
  • I love the Rainbow, I've got two of them and one of them is about 20 years old or older and still works great. I did get a new power head because I liked the new style. It just never stops sucking and more important, picking up, like it did the day I bought it. I've loved other vacuums in the past and thought they were great for a few months or even a year or more but eventually it just doesn't seem to pick up like it used to. With up to 4 hairy drooling dogs and many cats, we needed one that picked up pet hair fabulously and we've never been unhappy. I've used a Meile and loved it and might consider buying one if something happened to my Rainbows.
  • My Mom's Oreck is awesome, it cleans great and it's really easy to store.
  • Even though I believe the vacuum is an instrument of the devil, I use a Rainbow on what little carpeting I have. I had all my carpet taken out and hardwood floors refinished about 15 years ago when I was the unlucky owner of an Electrolux.
  • Electrolux, has 2 blades, whereas most vacuums only have 1. They suck real hard. I measured it on a guage. It will outsuck a: General Electric Shop Vac Hoover Kirby Dirt Devil Air-Way Sanitizer Bissel And YES, i have all these vacuums.
  • Oreck.
  • I've used alot of vacuums in my life. The best by far has been a Rainbow.
  • It has to be a Dyson
  • I have used Hoover, Dirt Devil, Oreck, and Fantom and loved them all. The new bagless cannisters rock. :-) +5
  • I definitely am a Hoover fan. We have had them in the household for 30 years. Our latest acquisition was the Hoover UH30010COM. I highly recommend it - a decent review can be found at

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