• They are amazing, just like female nurse. Haiving a penis, does not make difference, in taking care of someone.
  • Depends on how well he does his job, just like a female nurse.
  • Hes just a female nurse with a needle right?
  • We need more of them. I am glad they are there because sometimes they run the show when things go bad and the Doctor is extremely busy. The same with female nurses. They are extremely necessary and underrated.
  • I think a male nurse can do the same job as any female nurse if that is what they wish to do for a job/career. I have had a male nurse assigned to me in hospital once before and found the whole experience quite comfortable and in some areas more so. He was possibly more concerned than the average female nurse about any potential embarrassment to me. At the end of the day it all comes down to whether or not you have the vocational calling to 'nurse' people in their time of need and are mentally and physically capable of doing that.
  • I think they are WONDERFUL! When I had my surgery in 2001, I had 2 male nurses helping me. I had one at Graduate Hospital (Now closed), Philadelphia, PA. His name is "Eddie". He was conscientious and professional. He was GREAT! One at Magee Rehabilitation Hospital, Philadelphia, PA (I do volunteer work at this hospital) I see "Johnny" ALL the time. We reminisce. He is also conscientious and professional. He is GREAT, TERRIFIC, etc.! Thanks for asking your Q! I enjoyed answering it! VTY, Ron Berue Yes, that is my real last name! Sources: Because you asked On a regular, dependable basis, I volunteer at Magee Rehabilitation Hospital, Philadelphia, PA. "THE University of Hard Knocks"
  • In my teenage years, I always wondered why they didn't just go the extra, manly, step and become a full doctor. At the same time, I hated female doctors. Now, a couple decades later, I have no opinion. Do what you want to take home a check, I couldn't care less. It's not a job for me, but if you want to be a male nurse, go ahead, who cares?
  • I have a customer friend that works as a nurse. I think they are great! You don't have to be a female,to be a nurse. He comes into the Public Library where I work.
  • They are female doctors so why not male nurses. Besides being a nurse is alot easier than being a doctor and it is a very good job! I plan to be a nurse in the future and you never know I actually might marry a male nurse!;)
  • I've been treated by many and they are very good.
  • I have a buddy who does that. He's awesome. So, male nurses are awesome. Although I still think I would view them highly even if I wasn't friends with one. :)
  • I think they are just as great as the female nurses..To all the nurses out there, male or are horribly underpaid for the job that you do! :)
  • I love the little Fockers ! HAHHAHA The only male nurse that ever treted me look dissapointed when he saw my "wound" I had sliced off the tip of my finger off...ouch. It was a clean cut, and I had wrapped it up in a bandage so he couldn't see right away what it was. "I was like, sorry to dissapoint you, next time I'll make it worth your time". He then proceeded to wrap it up so many times, that I looked like a freaking cartoon character that had hit my thumb with a piano or a anvil or something. I think he was a newbie.
  • I think they are great! When I worked in nursing there was a lot of times I wished there was a male nurse around to help out with some jobs better done by them.
  • I work as a resident assistant at an assisted living home and I actually spend a large amount of my time passing out meds and tending to wounds; I'm contemplating studying to become a nurse. If that happens, I would consider myself a murse like Paul Flowers from Scrubs.
  • It doesn't matter to me what gender a nurse (or doctor) is, as long as they do a great job and they are pleasant (good bedside manner). I know that even these days, some folks think it's weird for a man to be a nurse, and some still think it's weird for a woman to be a doctor.
  • They are alright with me!
  • Ben Stiller milking a cat
  • My opinion is that they are a nurse. My father was one.
  • i dont carethe gender as long as they do their job professionally
  • I had two while I was in the hospital and they were wonderful with the care they gave me.
  • They're not as potentially erotic as women nurses? ;-)
  • There is a great neeed for Male Nurses and they serve the medical profession very well . You see; there are certain proceedures that some "Males" do not want a female doing to them , so they call in a Male Nurse ..... That is just ONE example of why we need the Male Nurse .... I give them KUDOS for putting up with the BS that they do sometimes ...

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