• Do a google search for "surrogate mother" and you will find a wealth of information and websites.
  • yes you can. I hear it is spendy but i am truely concidering being a seragent mother. I am a mother of two beautiful little boys and would like to have more of my own some day but for now i am realy concidering helping familys who cannot conceive or carry a baby. I would charge a price to pay for medical expences and the use of my body. I live in minnesota. If you wish to contact me my email address is
  • It is a website with a messageboard for surrogates and people using surrogates to have a child (or that are interested). You can find answers to every question imaginable. They also have one forum with questions aswered by a well-known fertility doctor. They also have an advertisements section for either parents-to-be or surrogates to place ads, so they can "find each other." I am a surrogate, and it's a terrific site that I use several times a week.
  • yes even a friend or family member can do this,my best friend is doing this for me and my husband.
  • Surogate.
    • Ice man
      Look at the "view" number, up in the address bar. This is an ancient question, correction at this time is pointless. Even though you're right.
  • Maybe. It depends on where you are. In the USA some states are refusing to enforce surrogate contracts and in others those contracts are null and void period. I'm not sure if surrogacy has actually be outlawed in any state but I would not be surprised if it has. 12/4

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