• This is an old custom with motorcycle owners. The legend is that motorcycle accidents or malfunctions were caused my evil spirits or gremlins. The sound of the bell is said to scare these gremlins away, so the bell is basically a good luck charm. To complicate things a little, the custom says that the bell has to be given to you for it to work. You can't just buy your own bell and drive the gremlins away. Normally, most people hang the bell in between the front forks or at the front of the frame right behind the front tire. As far as I know, there isn't any superstition about where you hang the bell. I hope this helps. [NEW SECTION] You should be able to pick these bells up at any motorcycle accessories shop. Every Harley dealership I have ever been in has them, and I have found them at smaller motorcycle shops as well. It doesn't have to be a "motorcycle bell" but the ones you buy there usually have a little card that describes everything I told you above.
  • If we tell you than we'll have to kill you!!!!!!!!!!
  • Gremlins love to ride. They will hitch a ride with any available motorcycle, but once on board, they can't help but cause trouble. Clutch cable breaks, lights go out, battery goes dead, keys hidden in the only pocket you forgot to search, oil slick on the road? You've got gremlins. As a gremlin crawls around the bike looking for mischief, he'll get trapped in the hollow of the bell. The constant ringing drives him crazy and the clapper knocks him off the bike. The bell should hang as low as possible, so when the gremlin falls out he can't hold onto anything. Ever wonder where potholes come from? If you buy the bell for yourself it'll work, but the magic will double if you receive it as a gift.
  • 3-21-2017 I never heard the gremlin theory. The only bikers I ever knew to put a bell on their bike said it was a San Francisco thing.

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