• I think he should be called a lot of other names! I guess the Barry O. people are going to pile on me now! That's what they're really like, they like to double team others!
  • I was just thinking the exact same thing - I guess people think of him as the first serious "black presidential candidate" because he's the closest that there has ever been; But he's not really a "black" candidate, he's mulatto (I know that word is offensive to some people, but it is more accurate)
  • George Jefferson from a deluxe apartment in the upper east side of Manhatten would call him a Zebra
  • Well, he is actually someone who, in my opinion, fits the term "African American" perfectly. His father was an African from Kenya and his mother, an American from Kansas.
  • I think he should just be called Presidential Candidate and omit any mention of ethnicity. John McCain doen't get that sort of reference, nor should Obama.
  • This is America and in America the "one drop" rule still applies. If a person has African (sub Saharan) blood within them then they are considered black. President Obama looks "African American" and he has definitely been treated as such. Until skin color is not such an issue in America, President-elect Obama will be "african american". But don't count on this in our life time.
  • He should forever be remembered as the only man ever to be elected POTUS even though he is a British citizen born in Kenya!
  • People are only repeating what they hear on the boob tube, unable to muster a single original thought. Americans have become mindless lemmings who only repeat what they think is fashionable and acceptable by the mainstream politically correct liberal jokers that are running this country into the ground.
  • If it is truly proved that he was not born in Kenya. he should simply be called an American!....but show us the proof..please.Almost Everybody in the USA is Heinz 57,we don't hear anyone saying:'the first Jewish-Italian,the first French-Irish; the first Greek-French...get my point? It shouldn't be about race...but it is!...I personally think Obama is cute, but I want answers to questions about his citizenship...America is hurting.
  • because he shows more blackness than whiteness. boo!! dnt hate on obama...ckuz he is the president and he black and he smoke newportsz. hollaaa!!!!!!!
  • Does it really matter what color he is?? He is still our president. Let's pray for him and show some support for him.
  • because people are so tied up aout being politically correct.
  • Why do you ask?
  • Hey, if you go back far enough, we are ALL mixed race. It's because he is a man of color.
  • fact is we need to get rid of this african american bs all together. if YOU are born, raised, and a citizen of america you are american. i dont consider myself english-german-irish american. IM AMERICAN. tracing our roots back to mesopotamia no one is 100% anything!! forget being politically correct. its impossible to make everyone happy all the time. people need to grow up and realize it is what it is!!
  • It's the old 'one drop' rule of slavery.
  • I am sure it just says American on his Passport and that is what should be important . It is going to be his political skills that are needed in the next few years.
  • their have been presidents before obama that have been mixed race they just looked white acknowledged being white and didnt admit to ancestors screwing slaves and making mixed race children who sometimes dont looked mixed. get over it he is what he looks like BROWN. He is whatever he chooses to be, he has that option.
  • His isn't the first mixed race president. And, face it, he looks black so he's been treated that way. If the stupid bigots didn't have the one-drop rule, you might have a point.
  • I'm an Irish American, and I resent the Lucky Charms Leprichaun damn it!
  • perhaps he is the first president of color. Why do they need to refer him as anything except presidential nominee? It shouldnt matter what his ethnic background is.
  • What 'race' isn't mixed?
  • You make a good point... But... I hope that in the near future a question like this will not have to be asked. The issue of Mixed race, black or white will not even be an issue. Where a person can be a person. PERIOD. So I guess we need to live though this to learn and grow. in my opinion just another step towards Color Blindness.
  • because white people made the one drop rule that declared anyone black who was mixed. this prevented the bastard children of slavemasters from having any rights. Even after slavery, any person who was partially black was treated as black and subject to discrimination like Jim Crowe laws. i find it ironic that the silliness of the rule has always been ignored by white people overall until they got a black president.
  • Well, he's as much white as black, so if you are being entirely logical he could be either. But the point about his black-ness is that he is in the position to inspire generations of black people and really make a difference in their communities. It gives home that a black lad now has a realistic chance of becoming president. Now, when a black girl has that same chance, it will be a real miracle.
  • Why does it matter? He's president now - why can't we judge him on the job he does, not his racial background?
  • Sadly in the world we live in half black is still basically black the one drop rule lives on in the eyes of whites and blacks in addition to those outside our nation.

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