• I go to work to pay bills after I do my work and then go home.. to be honest having friends in work isnt a big thing for me friends outside that i can socialise with is more important to me :)
  • ah, its important. It makes your days nicer. You spend most your time interacting with co workers than you do your own family at times.
  • Not that important as long as I get along with everybody
  • Being in a management position, I think it's important to have friend, also in management, to bounce things off of. I was in food service and my office mate was in maintainence. Many times our work situations crossed and it was good to have him right there for quick answers. We also bounced ideas off each other's heads when situations arose. We weren't friends outside of work because we were both married.
  • I make new friends everyday. I'm a self employed ladies mobile pubic hair dresser and stylist, i comb the area for clients
  • It can be helpful, it may make the day go by a little easier, but... Work is for you and your family, to pay the bills and whatnot, fill the fridge... I cant let a few friends stop me from doing that!
  • It is very, very important because it seems that I spend more time with them than anyone else. And, I'm fortunate because everyone that I work with are my good friends!!
  • Very important ...and that too very few . It helps to share and reduce pressures at work and it's good to have somebody you trust at your workplace . But everybody cannot be my friend too is very risky :) !
  • Oh yeah! They get me out of all kinds of dirt!
  • It is highly Important. They can help you with your sanity. I know they help me with mine. :-)
  • dont have any so its not important to me at all i choose not to it just makes it easier for when i have to move
  • I have no friends, not at work nor in personal life. Sure, I did treat them all to a professional baseball game, but we're not friends or anything. That may have been the one and only time I've ever spent time with a co-worker outside of a work environment. Will most likely be the last.
  • I'm not that social in a work environment. I'm not the one that looks forward to going out to lunch everyday..I'm not the one that gathers with others in the lounge to shoot the breeze..I'm the one that eats lunch at her desk while she continues doing her work. So while it is nice to have friendly co-workers, and awful to have backstabbing undermining going on, the only thing I require from co-workers is cooperation and giving me correct information when I need it, as I would cooperate with them and give them correct information when they need. My social life resides outside my place of work! :) I have made a few very good friends at work..but that was quite coincidental and I certainly didn't need it to be happy doing my work! :)
  • Important in the sense that I need a few people to talk to when I'm there, to talk about my dreams and frustrations. Without them I'd go nuts!
  • Depends on the job. If my job is super-stressful, it helps to empathize with someone who is going through the same difficulties. I think it also helps you be happier at work, which makes you more motivated to work harder and better. I have one very good friend at work and many other friends, but having that one good friend really helps me in lot of situations. I don't think I would still be working there if he wasn't there.
  • Very important... helps create a friendly work environment and to get support when you need it.

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