• Frozen meat can remain edible for many months if you can get past freezer burn and the taste of dry meat (freezers draw out moisture). A better and longer way to keep meat with little spoilage to the meat or taste is to place the sealed package totally in water so it freezes encased in ice.
  • I think its only a few months, maybe chicken is only a few weeks. Wrap your frozen foods in plastic bags, that seems to slow the freezer burn effect.
  • I would say only a few weeks for these things.
  • It's air that causes freezer burn, and you cannot get all the air out of hardly ANY packaging without inducing a vacuum. That's one of the selling points of all those vacuum sealing packaging things. With a good vacuum, the meat should last for months. Without, it should last for a few weeks (again, squeeze as much air out of the package as possible.) And, even if the meat is freezer burnt, it's still edible. I saw a Food Channel show where the host described a way to "bring back" freezer burnt meat. I believe it involved a marinade for a couple of days in the fridge. It rehydrates the meat, and helps infuse the marinade flavor into it. I'm not sure if it's possible to save ground meat, but I don't see why not using the marinade process.
  • If it's well wrapped the bigger cuts of meats can be great from 9-12 months. The smaller cuts like chops or pieces suffer from freezer burn more easily. And ground meats freezer burn quickly, like 2-3 months. But it's always safe to eat, just the quality and taste go downhill.
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  • I was once told 6 months from the date you bought it
  • here is a link to tell you how long you can freeze meats ↓

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