• Because they are animals...
  • my 2 dogs offer 2 answers to your question: (1) they only consider sleeping next to each other if they're cold & need each other for warmth. (2) they need to sleep in separate areas so they can each have a "guard post" to better protect their humans & keep them safe! my outside dogs are very close, but at night, they split up & one "guards" the front yard & one "guards" the backyard. unless it's chilly, then they snuggle together in the doghouse. & if it's really cold, they both come inside & help keep me warm in the bed!
  • Dogs are pack animals and act accordingly in every aspect of thier lives, even if they are very close and seem to have no dominance, they do. Sleeping in a pack is a very structured thing and my guess is this is why they do not sleep together, it simply isn't within thier social boundaries.
  • Maybe they just need their space when sleeping.

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