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  • If you know that you are not going to be good together right now, don't go looking for someone else, but if you meet someone else and you hit it off and things go good, roll with it. However, make sure you don't do anything real stupid, like get pregnant or impregnate her, whichever the case may be, or if your "ex" knows them, or even if you think they might know them, tread lightly.
  • starting another relationship would just screw yourself 1. you might fall in love with both preple 2. either one of you might have jealousy problems, or the new s/o might 3. or trust issues since they would know you were in love with another 4. you might feel the urge to cheat on the new s/o with the old 5. its not fair to start a relationship when you KNOW its gonna end 6. if your s/o is truly worth it then you can stay single until you two are ready to be together
  • I think it depends on how old you both are and what the (rulewise) reason is that you decided you ought not be together now! If things aren't right, maybe they won't be right in the future either. Meantime you put your life on hold. Unless you're both definitely adults and know for sure this is what you want, I'd say other relationships are o.k. After all, if you find you like others better shouldn't you know that before you start a relationship with each other! Just my opinion, of course. Happy Monday! :)

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