• Boxers and Briefs, they would serve sausage, and hot dogs. It would be, tuxedo style design, black white, with touches of red.
  • Woody's would be the name. It would be nice with male waiters, very handsome, 6-packs, and nice packages. They will serve us up all the lobster and champagne we want. Oh yes, now that sounds like my kind of restaraunt. Why don't we have one like that?
  • I think there was a place like that in Danvers, Ma (or there-abouts). The name of it is The Golden Banana. I've never been there, but they probably serve Bananas Foster (Mmmmmm!). Maybe they serve bananas all different ways (IDK). They probably serve Meat. (there are so few vegetarian restaurants in my area.) The setup should be kind of wild and tropical, like a rain forest. Maybe banana trees...some passion fruit, etc. Did you ask this question because you're craving some "Hot Wings"?
    • mushroom
      But do they serve "Spotted Dick"?
  • It would be called "The Mall" or "Run Errands" (so we wouldn't ever have to lie about where we're going or explain why we're gone for so long)! It would serve chocolate in all forms, along with plenty of yummy salads, seafood, healthy dishes of all varieties, vegetarian dishes, disgustingly decadent dishes that amazingly don't make you gain a pound (hey, a girl likes to celebrate every now and again) and...did I say 1001 desserts?! There are fresh flowers on all the tables (take them if you like) and the soft leather booth seats hug your bum when you sit down like sticking your finger into room temperature butter. They stock all liquors and actually know how to make all girly drinks, including a Sloe Gin Fizz, or Dirty Girl Scout or Skinny Bitch martinis. The dance floor is well air conditioned and huge, so you won't sweat too much and never have to get your toes stepped on. The waiters double as willing dance partners for those showing up stag. There are only 2-3 stalls in the men's bathroom...but like 20 in the women's room. The women's room is also well stocked with complimentary feminine hygiene products.
  • Packages................See Little Ms Dangerous for the rest............she has such a well thoughtout plan....All good things come in nice packages.
  • Frank Footers They would have male servers in special little undies and will serve foot long hot dogs with all types of toppings.
  • whistle for a hottie they would wear g- strings with a dickie bow and the food being served would be steak its a leather and fur setup and the do a dance every hour for the customers ( i know im not very 'girly')
  • Well, that would be "Chippendales" with food.

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