• One meows constantly when he seeks attention. Sometimes he will pat my face with a paw while I'm sitting in a chair or sleeping. The other cat just jumps on me.
  • When I am awake, he pets me. If I am asleep, he will take a mouthful of my hair, then pull his head back to pull my hair. It does wake me up. My husband's girl cats just meow for attention.
  • We have 2 cats too and one meows, the other (younger one) chirrups. They also walk directly in front of us when they are trying to shepherd us to the fridge. The older one will ply his claws on something he shouldn't (like the sofa or the carpet) if he's getting really frustrated with our lack of notice of him : )
  • Jumps in bed, attacks my legs, open the caninet door to get to his food, brings me a toy to throw, runs around the house like he is nuts!
  • Pawing me, meowing, being bad kitty, rubbing, head butts, reaching up and tapping me. Plopping right in from of me.
  • Jumping up on me wherever I'm sitting and putting its ass in my face. I usually say, "Yes, its beautiful, but no thanks."
  • Our cat walks on my head at 5:30 in the morning and taps me with her paw in the's time to eat.
  • Skippy-Gently bites me Mystie-Gives me sad looks with her big blue eyes Otis- He comes and sits on me or next to me Nellie-She gets up in my face and touches me with a front paw
  • she walks up to me and pushes her head into my face, then licks my nose.:-)
  • Meatball slams his head into me. Madi just jumps on my lap.
  • She would jump up on me and push her head into my face all the while purring. I loved it. I am told this is a sign of affection. Also, almost every morning I would find a dead something or other at my door. Also it's way of saying I love you.
  • My big boys, Pipsqeak and Vicous, are vocal and "talk" to me. Or Pip will reach out with a paw and touch my arm or even face if he is being especially lovey. My two oldest girls rarely want any attention at all. The other four just jump on you.
  • They will: Jump on the computer desk and roll around in front of me. Jump on my lap. Lay on their backs on the floor. Follow me around the house.
  • nudges up against me, walks across my laptop, purrs loudly, meows, or circles my legs
  • she meows to me and follows me around the house.
  • she drives me bonkers, keeps rubbing up against my gorgeous legs, and i dont want to get covered in cat fur???
  • One of mine sits next to the microwave and basically pesters the living daylights out of me by meowing every 5 minutes. If this fails to produce the desired result he adopts the 'where you go, I go' technique.
  • She will keep walking, and rubbing herself around my legs, this can be a bit annoying when shes moulting, especially when im straight out of the shower or have just moisturised my legs :)
  • Usally a seductive strip tease.
  • My cat used to scratch the side of the sofa whilst looking at me!!
  • he meows, then does the submissive "on your back" rollover, then turns on his side and stretches his legs out, he wants me to scratch his back
  • Mushu and Pao-Pao always wrestle and they always rub against my feet when they're hungry Sorry for bad quality, I took this by my mobile Pao-Pao:White one Mushu:Striped one
  • I have 3 cats. Kavah, Kamry and Bob. Bob likes to sit on my head while Im sleeping and gently pat at my nose. Adorably annoying little guy lol. Kam will bite my neck if Im asleep and Kavah keeps to himself most the time, but he will follow me everywhere if he really wants my attn. This is Kavah and then Bob and if you look real close youll see kam lol.

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