• If you are debating between gold and silver, I would say silver. It may seem like an odd choice, but all the magaizines are pairing yellow with silver shoes. Therefore, I would wear metalic silver shoes and silver jewelry. You could also go with something more trendy and modern looking like all white or all black. That would be very chic, but it really comes down to the style of the dress :)
  • Definitely silver or even better silver and turquoise and definitely not gold. Personally I get a bit nervous wearing too much black and yellow together for fear of looking like a bumble bee (but that's mostly because I favour chunky big pieces of jewellery, so the hazard is quite a real one).
  • If you take my choice, my personal preference would be Silver jewelry, they will surely compliment your yellow dress quite well. Apart from that, silver jewelry are the latest trend in fashion industry and they go well with every and any color of your outfit.
  • if you have brown that will go nicely...
  • You can play it up with any primary color. They would be your accent colors. Say "blue"... beaded blue necklace, bracelet, some earrings, some blue heels, and a cute blue purse. They all don't have to match perfectly, but just use your imagination! You'll look great!
  • A green or red one
  • it depends on the tone of the yellow as I have worn all sorts of colors with it from all metals and different stones. I have one dress which is a warm yellow, not green at all that looks great with copper but gold or silver just doesn't go. Try holding up the jewelry and seeing what looks good to you
  • if its plain yellow, and no other colors, you can wear anything. just depends on the event. if its a day event, you can wear casual jewelry, but if its night, you want to wear more sophisticated jewelry. Consider the color of shoes and handbag when making your jewelry choice. Your jewelry should be similar style and perhaps accent a color in your shoes and bag and dress.
  • I have a blue sapphire that goes amazing with my yellow dress and everyone compliments me on. I only wear the pair occasionally to keep it fresh.
  • Purple; It's yellow's complimentary color.
  • i would just wear whatever color you want to wear

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