• was it touched by man?
  • the bible should not be taken literally. the world was flooded for forty days despite lack of geographical evidence??? Also, the catholic church had denied verification or acceptance of the scientifically authenticated dead sea scrolls which predate any other bible text. by that fact alone they should be more accurate (and less corrupted from centuries of re-transcription) yet, since the texts may conflict with current scripture they are denies *denied
  • The bible is our link to God. If it does not tell you to sin, then it is a credible source.
  • For what?
  • As far as it is translated correctly. Many conspiring men have tried to change or delete portions. Books have been lost. We should treasure what we still have. This is why God must speak to prophets in our day and time.
  • So it has proven over the ages!!! John
  • Credible as in proved,...No. That's been a problem for a long time. I guess it depends on what Bible you are reading. Some people of the world choose to read their "own" Bible. Some religions that read the SAME Bible take the writings in different ways. It's not "credible" in scientific terms in any way at all. But I believe. I have Faith. It keeps me going even when the shit hits the fan. If nothing else, there are many great stories for the non-believers to read. Murder, death, adultery, theft, etc, if you dont believe, it's still a great novel. Especially the First part when God gets mad!
  • Definitely!
  • 6-11-2017 The bible is the ONLY source for bible research. Seminary schools don't seem to take that attitude; they teach what this guy said, and what that guy said, and then there is the great doctor so-and-so. Well, they are all just men. Even the pope sits on his own ass. His opinion means no more than anybody else's opinion. "Credible" means "believable", and everybody gets to make their own choice to believe or not believe. Maybe you meant to use some other word.

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