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  • when he says, "Why do you want to go hang out with your i not enough for you?"
  • First sign, when you ask questions like this...
  • when he tells you what to wear/eat/drink/think/talk to/not to go anywhere without him/that your nothing with out him etc etc. just trust your own instincts deep down you will know yourself
  • when he wants to control every aspect of your life, and questions you why you need to wear cute clothes when going out in public wiht him or wearing makeup when going out with him...
  • When he starts poking around in your online social network and comes up with reasons for you to "unfriend" your male friends. When you find out he has hacked into your email because he knows things he would otherwise have no way of knowing. When he tells you that it's unreasonable for you to want to see your young children every day, and that the love you feel for them is "unnatural." When he finds ways to monopolize all your time, cutting you off from your family and friends. Those are good for starters.

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