• You are an adult and you made the decisions you made that placed you in this situation. Accept that and prepare to move forward in life. Parents will, at the very least, be surprised. prepare yourself for their possible reactions. Don't allow emotion to drive the conversation, but understand that you must have the conversation. It is better that they hear the two of you inform them with words now as opposed to figure it out on their own later after hearing nothing from you. They very well may be disappointed, but you will benefit by maintaining a relationship with them in the years to come so address this difficult task and get it behind you so you can lean on the four parents in that time when you will need their support. Communicate in a clear way, make eye contact, don't allow emotion to drive the conversation, and be open and honest.
  • Unmarried = Abortion. Don't ruin the rest of your lives!
  • You sound like you have a pretty good head on your shoulders, so just be strong. I'm also pregnant and and in a serious relationship with my boyfriend and we're keeping the baby; but not getting married. You don't have to get married to be good parents. Ultimately, that will lead to resentment. My parents were the ones concerned that we get married, but I told them I don't want to get married just because we're having a baby together. I want to get married because I want to get married, and the truth is that we're both definitely not ready!! Be straight up with your parents about the whole situation. The longer you keep it from them, the angrier they will be for not telling them. Your parents just may surprise you in their reaction. I know mine did!! You're not a teenager and neither is he, so they should respect both of your grown up decisions.
  • Bree1980...Your comment is completely disgusting. Not being married is not an excuse for killing a child. Keep your ignorance to yourself!
  • Don't worry, lotsa young ladies get into your same predictament!.

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