• I freeze cookie dough all the time and never have a problem with it baking properly afterwards. Just make sure you seal it up really tight, so it doesn't get freezer burn and let it thaw until it's soft before baking. Of course, this is assuming you can resist going into the freezer and eating frozen cookie dough.
  • Absolutely fine to freeze, I do it all the time. In fact I shape the cookies before freezing and then it's super easy to pop them in the oven after thawing slightly. Always be sure to line the top of the cookeies or dough with some wax paper, even inside a plastic container. This will help prevent feezer burn. I find baking results are even better when the dough is still slightly frozen - the cookies do not spread and will result in a more chewy cookie.
  • 2-8-2017 You should sort out your grammar to make your question clearer. Do you mean to freeze unbaked dough? Or baked cookies?

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