• 'Cause you got all the videos they've banned.
  • I know what you mean. The same thing happens when I jump on the computer. Most of the videos that i check are deffinetley not banned for explicit sexual or violent content. However when I use firefox(another web browser); not all of the videos are banned. I think it has something to do with the location of where your internet is hooked up to. Try switching to firefox. If that doesn't work, dunno. Good luck!
    • Cats & Dolphins
      I've found that too; that they ban videos for no reason. Again censorship can too far.
  • probably cause its no longer available
  • I've seen that a lot too lately on Youtube. They ban videos for no reason; it's crazy. That's the problem with censorship; it can go too far.
  • Usually, because the video violates copyright law, or the account holder has violated copyright law too many times. Copyright violations on youtube are so common, people sometimes start to think copyright doesn't apply there.
  • You're too slow obviously! Try speeding up!
  • get an IP changer.Try another country..Many are banned in certain countries. get Mozilla also.
  • They have either been banned in your country or are banned completely.

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