• yeah i would be! If you are friends then you would think they would tell you they came in town so you two could hang out!
  • Hmm, I suppose I probably would be if I considered them a best friend or something. I wouldn't be hurt if I considered them just a reg friend or semi hangout with person. I would most likely be the friend that would do this though, except to perhaps 2 people.
  • yea that almost happened to me this weekend. i got really mad.
  • Can't imagine that would happen to be honest, if they did i wouldn't know anyway
  • depends on which friend? if you and Ryan came to Houston and we didn't get together for lunch I would be crushed :(
  • I think it all depends on how close me and the friend are... if it is one of my best friends, then yes i would be upset, if it was my best friend growing up who now we don't really talk, but i still think of her as my friend, then no i wouldn't be sad, in fact she used to do it all the time before we stopped talking
  • Well, that happened to me, somewhat, my friend's sister had a baby, and she came into town to see baby, and I was a little hurt to see her in the pictures that her sister sent me, holding her baby neice, BUT family comes first, she can come to town and hang out with me later.
  • I don't live in the same town as a lot of my friends and in conversation they'll be like, yeah the last few times I've been to Duluth... And I just stop listening cause the only thing running through my head is, wtf, you were right in my town and didn't even say hi? I always try to at least make an attempt to see people if I'm in their town...maybe I'm just a better friend than they are ;p
  • A little, yes... Heck, I'm hurt when my son visits his mother, and he has to pass by the town I live in (a couple of minutes out of the way) and doesn't stop by on the way home... Or at LEAST call. :-(
  • Not hurt...puzzled maybe.
  • It depends how long they were in town for, and how good of friends they are, and how close they were. I flew into Chicago for a day for an interview and didn't call my friends there, because I really didn't want to figure out how to get from my hotel to their place and all that jazz. So I guess it depends, it's definitely forgivable - but I'd still give them shit for it.
  • Yes, especially a few ABrs... :)
  • Maybe, but at least I didn't have to clean my house.
  • If it was a close friend...Yeah :'(
  • Yes I would be very hurt. It hurt more when my brother moved to my city and I did not even know until my mom told me.
  • Eh... It doesn't hurt anymore since they do it a few times a year. I just found out one has been home for like 4 months and plans on staying a while. I have no TRUE friends I don't think.
  • yes, because I would tell them they spent too much on the hotel/ motel they stayed-in when they could have stayed at the house for free!
  • Even if it was a good friend I would not feel hurt, we never know why they came to town it could have been an emergency or family problems. It is best not to judge our friends. Regards.

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