• What the SMURF is that?
  • SecuROM is a CD/DVD copy protection product, most often used for computer games running under Microsoft Windows, developed by Sony DADC. SecuROM aims to resist home media duplication devices, professional duplicators, and reverse engineering attempts. The newest versions (v4 and up) prevent 1:1 CD-R copies from being made. Certain programs can circumvent its protection, but can't duplicate it[citation needed]. The use of SecuROM is very controversial.[1] It installs a shell extension that prevents Windows Explorer from deleting 16-bit executables. SecuROM, like almost all copy protection systems, is often "cracked" within days of release. It can cause computer problems and people sometimes use cracked (cleaned up) executables on their original and legally purchased software that use SecuROM to avoid its effects.
  • CDROM and DVD copy protection. I guess it's alright I don't copy DVD's anyway
  • SecuRom is just another way for greedy companies to keep people from using the products they purchase the way they want to. It's coming to the point where that $50-$60 you spend for a game is just a rental fee. Of course some people will copy games and share them with friends without paying, but if they're hell-bent on it, they'll find ways around the protections, as ALWAYS happens. As you can tell, I don't like SecuRom or any type of protection that keeps me from easily making backups of my games, transferring my movies to my non-major name brand portable video player, or putting songs on my MP3 player the way I want them.
  • never heard of it

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