• work with what ya got!!!!!!hahahahahahah!
    • Mircat
      Your statement is true except it isnt a laughing matter.
  • They enjoy being unhappy and unpleasant.
  • I don't know.. Let me ask my sister in law. That girl is pregnant, about 15 weeks.. and is nothing but negative about it! I just can't stand it!!!
  • Honestly, I think it's laziness. People who wallow in negativity don't have the guts, integrity or sense of accountability to change their worlds. It takes hard work on oneself to change that, and clearly these negativity-wallowers don't want to make the effort.
  • Because they have nothing else in which to wallow... is that a bad thing, that is the way they choose to live.
  • Because if they have problems they become negative about them then they are just too lazy to fix them. It would seem it is easier to just wallow about them. Cheers.
  • Because negativity is all they have been given to know.
  • I believe it comes about through being stuck in a negative frame of mind, because for them, that's an easy place to be. They don't have to outlay any time or effort at all on changing, learning, growing, redirecting or moving on. They can just sit and be comfortable and place very little, if any, demand on their mind to become one of positive thought. . They don't have to force themself beyond what they see to be their limit of thought capacity. They don't have to look for the good when all around them seems bad. They don't have to fight to over rule and redirect any thoughts they have, that may bring them unhappiness. They don't have to struggle to find the best possible thought amongst the many in their mind and then strive to hold on to it through all the odds that would defy it. . They can just sit and be comfortable because that's so much easier than walking into the darkness of their mind and turning it into a place filled with light :)
  • It's because of lack of confidence and they are surrounded by pessimism
  • i think sometimes, it becomes a bit of a habit, and they dont realise their negativity
  • Because they've never been given the tools for how to get out of it. We learn our attitudes and our self-worth by a very early age by how people around us respond to us. Then, years of what we absorbed gets put into practice over and over again. So for most people, they don't even realize a problem exists.
  • If they are depressed or see no way out where would you expect them to wallow?

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