• Pour a potfull of plain vinegar into the machine & let it brew through the machine as if you were making a pot of coffee (no grounds!) Then rinse out the vinegar by running three potfulls of water through the machine. Should be good as new! Be warned: the hot vinegar smell is gonna be horrible...
  • Here are a few alternatives, to the vinegar method. * a pot's worth of water and two denture tablets. * dissolve 1 oz of citric acid in 4 cups of hot water, then add 4 cups of cold water to the mixture. * 1 part baking soda to 4 parts of warm water * store-bought coffee maker cleaners Put a filter in your coffee maker, as usual. Pour the mixture into the coffee maker where you would normally add water. Turn the coffee maker on and let the mixture run completely through. Discard the filter and mixture.
  • I would use a mild dishwashing liquid(maybe a less than 1/2 tsp.) put the liquid in the coffee pot. then fill up with water . Run that through9without a filter.) After it completes that cycle, pour just one pot of water only in and run that through. very inexpensive, unlike the store baught cleaner. Also not very much of a hassle. In my experience, the baking soda suggestion isn't so great. I tried that once and the baking soda clogged up on the inside. Needless to say; I had to take it apart to clean.
  • Thanks for the input....but if there is lime scale buildup from the water, I would think dishwashing detergent wouldn't remove it. Maybe vinegar???
  • Thats what i have used in the past. But it seems that I have to run cean water through it 2 times after the vinegar cycle. Sorry, I thaught it might just be dust or a number of other things. but yea vinegar DOES work incredibly.
  • just goggle it and it will show you how to clean it

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