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  • Amsterdam has parlors where you window shop for your prostitute. They go along nicely with the opium dens and marijuana shops. Tailand has all sorts of sick and devious legal prostitution... Anyone who goes there is pretty much up to no good. I've heard unconfirmed rumors that Japan has prostitution, but not with people, but with machines.
  • Prostitution is legal in mexico... However brothels are not... Many areas the industry is controlled by the police and the pros must be licensed and regularly checked for std's
  • this is purely academic seeing as i suffer from Anthropophobia/ extreme social anxiety disorder. whoever, when i said legal i was thinking along the lines of a "Normal" business like a clinic, dentists office, masseuse or physical therapy. where people come in, do an above board and licensed activity regulated for the safety of all parties, exchange money for services rendered and depart.
  • Turkey. My 2 cents.
  • It is legal in Australis - the most successful brothel is quoted on the stock exchange.
  • Holland
  • Legal in New Zealand! But it is ruining our society. Girls with no money get hooked in and then can never get out. Some as young as 14. They are from broken families, with no on who loves them apart from their customers. So think next time you get a prostitute, is this right?

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