• And thus you encounter the dreaded "catch 22"... The only thing I can suggest is either pad your resumee or try the military for a few years.
  • I don't know what sort of position you're looking for, but here are a few general tips: Don't pad your resume. It's easier than ever to check the facts these days, and background checks are routine for new hires in many companies. Never ever lie on your resume - if you do and are found out, you will likely get fired, plus your credibility is damaged. If you're fresh out of school, you can show how you gained experience through class projects, research for papers, and any volunteer organizations you were part of. You can also gain experience through freelancing, volunteering at a nonprofit, registering with, or starting your own business. To your success, David B. Wright Author, Get A Job! Your Guide to Making Successful Career Moves
  • You need to sell yourself. As an employer, I don't want to spend money training someone, I'd rather that person already have the knowledge. But, many times if you sell yourself right, the lack of experience can be overlooked.
  • maybe you need to ask them that question, i cant get a job either
  • Have you ever been experienced?
  • Because they are testing your alacrity to get round such roadblocks. In the hundreds of interviews I have done through the years, I've met many who did not have the required experience. They would instead provide ideas and link their other skills to make up the shortfall. Don't forget. Just because you have "experience" does not mean you have the capability or will automatically slot into the job without issues.
  • I recommend vocational training at a local college. I was a displaced worker and the state government had a program for me. They would pay for my training and education. (they also paid for my car to be fixed up and roadworthy so I could get to college every day without failure. They spent $8000. so that I could succeed. That was 12 years ago, and I am now making top pay for my job position. I guess I am paying back the govt. too since I am now in a higher income tax bracket.
  • No wonder you've been looking for a while, you're not understanding what you're reading. It says :"experience required/preferred" - not "must have n years experience" there is a difference. They're not expecting people to apply for the job with experience off the bat. They want you to impress them with what you are capable of that makes you a quick learner. Or examples and demonstrations of your talents that makes you suitable for the post. As an interviewer myself, it's a way we sift out the time wasters and low self esteem workers who fail quickly.

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