• Sounds scary but not serious. The scary black spider is the Black Widow, which is mostly a southeastern pest. It has red markings and obnoxious venom. This one doesn't sound like a black widow. So that makes it one of the other spiders that is scary looking as can be, but relatively harmless (I am assuming you're a U.S. resident - there are other nasty spiders in other countries beside widow and recluse, which are our problem). Remember - a squished spider is still scary and icky. But if cleaned up properly is no longer a problem.
  • I have also found a furry black spider with a heart shape and green fangs. Does anyone have a name?
  • This is the Bold Jumper, Phidippus audax, one of the Jumping Spiders in the family Salticidae
  • Sarah Palin?
  • spiderman? :O
  • &quot;angeline" has it, most likely a Bold jumper (a jumping spider). I have some pictures on my web page here: <>

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